COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus

COVID-19 Pandemic Information

Not surprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has had quite an impact on our business.

We were forced to close down to protect our customers, therapists and the broader community and this has led to financial challenges and some staff issues.

With community spread in Western Australia at zero for a prolonged period of time, we are confident that the risk of contracting the virus in WA is extremely low and as such are happy to be open to the public from the 8th of June 2020

Changes to Booking Procedures

For now, bookings will not be available by phone.

As we are recovering financially, we will not be paying for an answering service until some time in the future.

If you want a booking, please use one of the following methods:

Clinic Infection Control Practices

As qualified remedial massage therapists, we have always practiced high levels of personal hygeine, cleanliness and infection control at our clinic.

These practices have always included:

  • Throughly washing hands and arms with soap before and after all treatments
  • Cleaning of common surfaces in treatment rooms between all treatments
  • Regular cleaning of the entire clinic
  • Not working when showing any symptoms of bacterial or viral infection

In addition, we have now:

  • Added questions to our booking process to ensure that customers are at very low risk of carrying a covid-19 infection
  • Made 70% alcohol based hand sanitiser available in reception
  • Put up signage requesting that customers wash their hands prior to their treatments